Sea Services Provision

Either within Origin or Destination, AmAn Freight covering all below activities related, inclusive & involved in sea freight services. This performance based on experts, professional team at origin & the same on the destination plus reliability, capability & well network connected worldwide :

• Import/Export Formalities

• Customs Clearance

• Related Packing & Insurance Services

• Pick-up & Trucking

• International sea Transport & ocean Freight

• Door-to-door delivery

• Extra & Other services upon request

Based upon above mentioned services that our esteemed clients are enjoying, AmAn Freight implementing these services with a very unique ways, tools, reliable by :

• Expert & professional team work.

• Very good relationship with carriers & sea/land transporters providing very special rate especially for the big volume.

All above services applicable on :

• Projects.

• FCL/LCL containers.

• Heavy Duty Machineries, Tools, Engines even self-propelled or Break Bulk.

• Dangerous/Hazardous goods.

• Perishable goods.

AmAn Freight applying the above mentioned services within our country, region & even worldwide either our country being the origin, destination or out of both ends (from another country to another country) managing, directing & following up with very high class, level of accuracy meet our client satisfaction.